The Fox—100D (with Dinosaur Dental Chair)


The Foxby Kym Perkins, Toothbrush Land, Toowoomba, QLD

This dinosaur-shaped dental chair has been a real winner in helping to allay children’s fear of visiting the dentist.

What’s good about it

Toothbrush Land is a family dental practice that also caters particularly well to the individual needs of children and their oral health requirements. The interior is bright, colourful and welcoming. A dedicated playroom for children is appropriately decorated and equipped with a blackboard wall, enormous teddy bears, colouring-in activities and even an Xbox with Kinect.

The kids soon realise this is not the usual style of dental practice and they—along with their parents–are keen to see the ‘dinosaur room’. The dinosaur dental chair is complemented by a large captivating fox with moveable head, a decorative dental light and an octopus dental cart. It immediately and easily generates conversation between staff and patients.

The environment is quickly perceived as being fun, exciting and interesting. Staff members encourage patients to be inquisitive and to touch, smell, feel and see equipment and materials. The many facets of the dinosaur chair and the inviting surgery is very effective in alleviating any sense of fear the kids may have.

After the kids have explored the equipment, it is cleaned and sterilised to meet infection control protocols and workplace health and safety guidelines. The dinosaur chair became popular very quickly, and now a lot of kids specifically request it for their appointment.

What’s not so good

The chair and its components are large and take up significant room in the surgery. It can be quite difficult to manoeuvre prams and families within the surgery if necessary. Access for the clinician around the dinosaur head can also be challenging.



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