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Futura series of sterilisers

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When you’re running a dental practice, the efficacy and reliability of your equipment is paramount. Even more so when you’re running a small solo practice, where the consequences of unreliable equipment are serious. Just ask Dr David Rosenthall, a general dentist in Sydney’s north who has been operating out of his practice for 43 years.

“It’s a two-surgery practise, but I’m a sole practitioner,” he explains. “I have myself and my nurse of 36 years, which we prefer now at this stage of my career. We are still very busy. But because of the situation, the setup that we have, we do rely heavily on equipment being dependable.”

For example, one vital bit of kit in the clinic is their autoclave. Autoclaves remain one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in any practice, and with the temperature they need to reach to sterilise equipment, there is a large amount of wear and tear on the pumps and all the internal mechanisms. 

“You can get those parts replaced,” Dr Rosenthall says. “And I did have a few bits and pieces replaced. But like all things in life, you can throw good money after bad. Although my last autoclave was very reliable, one year, just before Christmas, it decided to break down.”

Back to the Futura 

Luckily Dr Rosenthall had a good working relationship with Jim Owen at Mocom Australia. After a quick discussion, Jim introduced him to the B Futura 17-litre steriliser. “I’ve had other, different autoclaves over the years,” Dr Rosenthall says. “And this one has been the most reliable for me.”

There are many advantages to the Futura series of sterilisers. Unlike traditional sterilizers, Futura does not require any external water connection for mains water treatment. Thanks to the demineralisation filter on the main tank, the user can fill the latter with plain tap water, thereby significantly optimising spaces, streamlining processes and achieving considerable savings. Futura’s filtration system guarantees unprecedented ease of operation.

“It’s very intuitive, the actual machine,” says Dr Rosenthall. “Both myself and my nurse use it, and we both are fully across what needs to be done and the testing cycles before we start work in the morning.”

At the end of each sterilisation cycle, the machine stores a report inside its memory. The user can download the cycles in PDF format at any time through the front USB port or automatically send and store them to the local PC using the included Wi-Fi and Dataster system.

“You can hook it up so it can speak to your computer wirelessly,” says Dr Rosenthall. “I’m a little bit old school, so my nurse uses the USB and we do it that way. There’s a port in the side of the autoclave.”

The steriliser also ensures excellent performance also thanks to the colour LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface. Each control corresponds to icons that ensure an immediate reading of the machine status.

Secret in the service

“The other thing I really appreciate with Mocom is the after-sale service and backup,” says Dr Rosenthall. “I basically have not lost a day since I’ve been with Mocom. We get the calibration with the machine booked in annually, and that’s done by the team from U-Tech. They have their own laptop out here and check everything. And that’s always very reassuring to make sure everything’s working properly. 

To find out more about the B Futura or any other sterilisers in the Mocom range, go to our website at

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