The future of composites

the future of composites
Stela, a new bulk fill flowable self-cure composite


SDI Limited is proud to announce the launch of Stela, a new bulk fill flowable self-cure composite that is widely lauded as an amalgam replacement and the future of composites. This innovative restorative is the result of a partnership between SDI scientists and engineers from three leading Australian universities, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and the University of Wollongong. 

As a self-curing bulk fill composite, Stela offers an unlimited depth of cure with low polymerisation stress. Stela is applied in a simplified two-step process; primer and composite. This efficient 15 second process reduces your in-chair time by eliminating traditional preparation steps such as etch, bonding systems, and light curing. 

Stela Primer contains a catalyst that initiates the curing process at the restoration interface and not from the occlusal surface like traditional light curing processes. This polymerisation sequence mitigates stress to enable a gap-free interface, reducing post operative sensitivity and the risk of premature failure. 

The Stela initiator system starts a snap set fast cure to convert monomers into polymer chains. Simultaneously, these chains become rapidly and densely cross-linked to each other, forming a complex network. This network reliably binds fillers, resulting in impressive mechanical properties. With very high compressive and flexural strengths, Stela is the ultimate high-performance composite and the ideal amalgam replacement for Classes I, II, III and V.

Both Stela Primer and Stela composite contain the 10-MDP monomer to ensure high bond strength to dentine and enamel, providing long lasting restorations with a flawless marginal seal. Stela also offers outstanding radiopacity of 308% Al to aid diagnosis.  The formulation contains fluoride, calcium and strontium and is also BPA and HEMA free.

Stela is available in either capsule or syringe delivery systems in one universal shade with chameleon effect for excellent aesthetic results. 

Stela is an Australian innovation, developed and manufactured in Australia and distributed to over 100 countries. 

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