The Mouth Prop Trifecta for Reliably Open Mouths

mouth prop

Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop (aka mouth rest) for those who won’t cooperate or lack motor control, has a graduated wedge design with padded handle and is made from high density foam with a rigid core for stability and strength. For those having aggressive bites, a ‘thicker’ version is available with 40% more foam for added strength.

Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop with Wrap Around Handle allows for better control with a handle that wraps to the outside of the cheek, doesn’t block oral access and has a clever opening for optional saliva ejector; Latex®– Free, doesn’t become ‘gummy’ when autoclaved.

The new Molini® Mouth Opener used in conjunction with proper head grip to help keep mouths open, even for non-cooperating patients. Tapered end acts as a wedge to help open the mouth when teeth are clenched, and trim design allows greater visibility of the oral environment. A bulbous end and secure grip surface prevent slipping, a good option when patients are uncooperative, bedridden, or have poor muscle control; may also be applicable as a tool for Myofunctional Assessment & Therapy.

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