The new Synea Power Edition for processing the hardest materials

high-speed contra-angle handpieces
With the special Synea 900 series, W&H have developed three high-speed handpieces.

The new W&H high-speed contra-angle handpieces have been specially designed for the processing and removal of high-strength ceramic materials such as zirconia. Offering a particularly robust design, additional torque and stable removal rate, the new Synea Power Edition is the ideal solution for highly demanding applications such as crown and bridge removal. 

Ceramic materials such as zirconia are being used more and more frequently in modern, restorative dentistry. However, removing zirconia restorations with conventional contra-angle handpieces is a challenging and lengthy procedure. Attempts to do so often result in damage to the burs and delays in treatment, which can be frustrating for dentists and their patients. 

high-speed contra-angle handpieces

With the new Synea Power Edition, W&H has introduced a cutting-edge solution and the perfect addition to existing high-speed handpieces in dental practice. 

Thanks to the modified transmission ratio, the extra strong Synea Power Edition contra-angle handpieces ensure optimum bur speed and provide the extra torque required to process hard materials efficiently. The capacity to remove the tooth structure more efficiently at the same surface pressure prevents heavy wear to the bur, as well as reducing the risk of thermal damage to the teeth. The service life of these contra-angle handpieces is extended by at least 20% compared to standard transmission instruments, as they are less susceptible to mechanical fault. Another contributing factor is the newly developed extra-stable chucking system from W&H. With a 20% increase in chucking force, the innovative system is tailor-made for applications involving high-strength materials. The new push-button design also makes replacing the burs easier, because the loads are distributed more evenly. With an ergonomic head design for better bur guidance, as well as a multi-nozzle spray with high water flow for optimum cooling of the treatment site, the impressive new Synea Power Edition is a convincing and reliable overall package. 


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