The Next Big Thing in Digital Dentistry

in-house 3D printing system

This article is brought to you by APAC Digital.

Finally, a 3D printing Eco-System and company dedicated to creating the complete in-house printing system is here.

The Sprintray 3D printing Ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With Sprintray and APAC Digital Dentistry & Laboratory as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

Pro wash & dry

Gone is the messy process of post-print cleaning with the introduction of Sprintray’s Pro Wash and Dry.

The Pro Wash is the first fully automated, two-stage wash and dry system built to deliver the speed, cleanliness, and ease of use demanded by the modern dental clinic.

You’ve never washed parts like this before. Thanks to its high-powered motor, precisely manufactured propeller, and innovative alcohol delivery method, Pro wash and Dry can complete a full two-stage and dry in less than nine minutes.

Pro Wash & Dry comes with recalibrated Hydrometers that sink in clean IPA and float when it requires changing. Since you always know when it’s time to refresh your IPA, your parts will always come out clean.

Thanks to a suite of automated features, the only time you need to touch the IPA is when you pour it into the reservoirs. Automatic pumps ‘recycle alcohol’, and quick-connect hoses whisk it away.

Support and education like no other

APAC Digital Dentistry & Laboratory offers unrivalled support and education to our users. Our goal is to ensure our clinicians can maximise the use of their Sprintray 3D Printer by giving complete access to our Fully Digital Orthodontic, sleep and Orthotic laboratory.

Our lab offers a design-only element where we can complete the design of your treatment plan and send it back for printing in house. 

We also invite clinics to come in before and/or after their purchase to our dedicated training area to learn more about the Sprintray ecosystem.

In addition, APAC offers a ‘no downtime guarantee’ to all printer purchases. Meaning, if your printer is ever down our laboratory will print for you at no charge until the issue is rectified. That gives your clinic peace of mind knowing you can take the leap to be being completely powderless.

No install is the same, so we customise each session to replicate the exact way the clinic will incorporate the unit.

In 2022, APAC Digital Dentistry & Laboratory will be finally opening its doors to the public, where practices can submit work to be completed using this incredible technology via our website. (see it at

Splints, custom mouthguards, retainers, whitening trays and a model printing service will be available to order at a click of a button and returned within 2 to 4 days. Visit our website or contact us in late January 2022 to learn more about our laboratory services. Our Orthodontic & Orthotic manufacturing will still be reserved for the exclusive use of Sprintray users.

Pro 55 or Pro 95?

Although the Pro 55 unit is the latest model launched by Sprintray in conjunction with the industry’s first FDA approved permanent crown resin by Bego, it doesn’t mean it’s the right unit for your clinic’s needs. 

Both certainly have their own place in a clinic, so deciding which one you really need can be made simple by knowing what you need it for.

The Pro 95 is the right choice for most dental practices. If your dream is to go powderless then this machine is the ideal choice for in-office production. Featuring incredible accuracy, speed, repeatability, and user-friendliness this machine will allow you to print your models, splint, surgical guides, dentures and indirect bonding trays.

The Pro 55 offers a whole new dimension to your in-office printing, a 55-micron XY pixel size and Sprintray’s Pixel Toning brings industry-leading accuracy to this unit. Making it perfect for jobs that require razor-thin margins such as temporary and definitive crowns, hybrid dentures and more. The Pro 55 is ideal for clinics and labs that specialise in restorative applications. 

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