The Seamless PMS Integration that powers growth for your practice


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You want simplicity, efficiency but you also want growth. Healthengine is the answer you’ve been looking for, our technology seamlessly integrates into a range of PMS’s and at the same time exposes your practice to our network of millions of patients to drive your practice’s growth!

With a network of over 1300 dental practices and millions of primary healthcare bookings every year, Healthengine is the hassle-free, cost-effective way to get the online visibility and practice growth you need, with the convenience and control you and your patients want.

Unlock the power of seamless integration

Healthengine supports a wide range of Practice Management Softwares (PMS), including Oasis, Exact, Dental4Windows/Dental4Web, Dentally, Praktika, Core Practice (New!), and more…

A formal integration allows you to publish available appointments directly from your PMS to the Healthengine network in real time, eliminating double handling, constant manual updates and wasted front office time. Once your appointments are published, they are immediately visible on Healthengine’s highly-rated app and website, making it easy for patients to book directly with your practice.

Access to patients through Healthengine

Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform, dedicated to helping people navigate the complex world of primary healthcare. 

For patients seeking dental appointments, Healthengine offers a user-friendly search function tailored to individual preferences. Patients can easily find and book appointments with their favourite practice, nearby locations, or at specific times that suit their schedules. They can save their regular healthcare team to their account making it even easier to re-book next time.

By integrating your practice management software with Healthengine, you can leverage this extensive network to boost your practice’s visibility, attract new patients, and drive growth. Dental practices on Healthengine typically receive up to 5 new patients per month. (Data Source: Based on Healthengine Data – May 2024)

Turn cancellations into appointments (New product)

Love more practice revenue? With Healthengine’s new Waitlist product, Patients can now easily add themselves to practices online Waitlist via the Healthengine booking form. When a cancellation occurs, simply notify waitlisted patients of the new available appointment via bulk SMS, saving your reception team hours of admin time trying to fill that appointment gap.

Full support when you need it

A sanctioned integration gives you more access to help and support when you need it. Not only will Healthengine provide excellent customer and technical support, but if there’s a problem, for whatever reason, you can be assured that Healthengine will work with the PMS vendor to resolve it.  

Easily integrate your PMS with Healthengine. Get in touch today and start your growth journey with Healthengine


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