The Wand Anaesthesia System

The Wand
The Wand anaesthetic delivery system

by Dr Jeffrey Tho, Bakery Hill Dental, Ballarat, VIC

I wasn’t really a believer when I first started using this system. However, the response from patients has been amazing. It’s a very common reaction for a patient to say, “Don’t you guys use needles any more?”

What’s good about it

This system is a controlled way of giving anaesthesia without using a syringe. The hand piece looks like a plastic pen with an unobtrusive needle at the end. It’s a lot less confronting for patients, particularly those who are needle phobic.

It’s also very light and easy to manoeuvre. It is more comfortable when administering anaesthetic as you don’t have to bend your whole arm.

A foot pedal controls the delivery and there are different rates at which you can administer the anaesthetic. The rate is set on the body of the unit but if the foot pedal is half pressed, it will administer the anaesthetic at the slowest pace. I do this for the first 10 seconds and patients rarely feel anything. When the foot pedal is fully pushed down, the system will administer at the set rate. The maximum rate is still slower than what a dentist would do with a traditional syringe.

Basically, the technique with the Wand STA is exactly the same as with a syringe. It simply administers at a slower rate and makes the whole process less confronting for the patient.

I mightn’t have been a believer at the beginning but I am now. I never use a normal syringe when numbing a patient.

What’s not so good

The main disadvantage is that it does take more time. It’s also more expensive than just using a syringe. The other tricky thing is that a nurse has to change the cartridge so you don’t break infection control.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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  1. I have an STA Wand and I get very similar responses from my patients. “Don’t you give injections any more?” This machine is brilliant and if you want to avoid giving inferior alveolar nerve blocks for simple everyday dentistry then you need a Wand


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