There’s still time to be part of Mouthguard March

Mouthguard March
eviDent Foundation Mouthguard March Ambassador, Melbourne Football Club’s Eden Zakner, knows the importance of wearing a properly fitted mouthguard.

With the school year now underway and school sport about to resume, what better time to remind parents and players of the importance of wearing custom-fitted mouthguards on the playing field? Especially given thousands of people every year are treated for injuries that could have been prevented by wearing a properly fitted mouthguard, many needing visits to hospital emergency departments and extensive dental treatment.

With the aim of reversing this trend, dental practices are invited to join eviDent’s Mouthguard March campaign and help protect Australian smiles. Dental practices in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland are eligible to participate and can register here.

“It is so important to sign up for Mouthguard March,” said Dr Mark Wotherspoon of Dr Mark’s HyGenie and a Mouthguard March participant. 

“We need to be promoting mouthguard protection through all of our dental practice media and include a question about contact sport as part of our routine dental history. 

“After you issue the mouthguard it is also critical you spend a minute or two discussing correct mouthguard hygiene plus storage and not just hand it to them across the front desk,” Dr Wotherspoon added.

Practices that get on board will not only benefit from the promotional activities planned for those who participate, they’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that they’re helping Australians safely enjoy their sport.

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