Tools of the trade: 3M ESPE intra-oral syringe

The 3M ESPE intraoral syringe
The 3M ESPE intraoral syringe

by Dr Danny Lamm, Malvern East, VIC


This device delivers impression material for crown, veneer, bridge and implant preparation. I’ve been using these syringes since their inception several years ago. Over time 3M has refined the design, making them smaller and easier to use.

What’s good about it

It delivers a correctly mixed amount of impression material smoothly and without waste. This enables you to make a very accurate impression with no bubbles or voids.

There is a green syringe for 1:1 VPS material and a purple syringe for 2:1 polyether material. The two tubes fit snugly on the back of the device and are loaded with the correct amount of unmixed material. The tubes are removed and a manual finger plunger is inserted. As the plunger is depressed, the two components are automatically mixed, delivering perfectly prepared impression material. The syringe is disposable and discarded after use.

It is smaller, much easier to use and much more accurate than the large handheld instrument with the trigger. These syringes have minimal waste, can be used on up to four teeth at a time and deliver the impression material smoothly and evenly. They don’t need to be prepared just prior to being used. As the material is mixed as it is extruded, the syringe can be loaded and ready to go well in advance.

What’s not so good

Nothing, it’s perfect!

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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