Tools of the trade: 3M ESPE intraoral syringe

intraoral syringe

by Dr Jeremy Sternson, Melbourne Dental Group, VIC

This is a single-use syringe for placing polyvinyl siloxane impression materials. I was given one as a sample by a rep from Dentavision and the second I used it, I knew I could never go back to the old way of taking impressions. I now use it for all my crown, bridge and implant work.

What’s good about it

When taking an impression of the tooth, we use light body and heavy body impression material. In the past, the light body was always in a large syringe that’s heavy and too bulky to easily manipulate around different areas of the mouth. Now I place the light body impression material in this small 3M ESPE syringe and it’s much easier to position. It’s also a lot more accurate, really lightweight and very easy to use. I’ve reduced the number of retakes of my impressions because they tend to work the first time, every time.

The syringe is suitable for use with different brands of impression material. They are cheap to purchase and a money and time saver that consistently supplies good results.

The 3M ESPE intraoral syringe is just a simple little tool but it has changed the way I take impressions for the better. I couldn’t live without it. 

What’s not so good

Unfortunately, they are only single use. If they could be re-used or were compostable, that would be better for the environment.

Where did you get it


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