Tools of the trade: 3M Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative


bulk fill restorative materialby Dr Virginia Williams, Dr Virginia Williams Dental Practice, Ballarat, VIC

There was an earlier 3M Bulk Fill product that was great. It allowed you to fill deeper fillings without having to use lots of very small increments. It had the shrinkage factor just right. However, I only used that product where it didn’t show or under another product as it was quite translucent. The new version, Filtek One Bulk Fill, has increased opacity.

What’s good about it

Filtek One still has the quick single unit setting but the increased opacity looks better and is more useful in more situations. However, I will still use the older product if I want a little translucency.

I’ve been using Filtek One for about 12 months now and I’ve been happy with it. It’s strong and has a range of applications. I appreciate the one-step placement and it can be cured up to 5mm in depth. It is also available in capsule or syringe.

Filtek One is a classic 3M product. It is a very reliable company with a fantastic track record of quality. I don’t use a product that I wouldn’t be proud to have in my own mouth.

What’s not so good

The only issue with Filtek One is that it sets very quickly so there could be problems if you’re a bit slow. Unless you work fast, it will set while you’re still handling it. This product is designed for dentists who value efficiency.

Where did you get it


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