Tools of the trade: 3shape TRIOS 3 digital scanner

digital scanner

by Dr Jim Yannopoulos, Brunswick Dental Group, VIC

Digital scanners have been a real boon to dentistry, streamlining and simplifying a formerly very hands-on process. The 3shape TRIOS is a top-of-the-range scanner that wows patients with its impressive technology. 

What’s good about it

I use the 3Shape TRIOS for all my crown and bridge work, and most other prosthetic work. In the past, I used to take multiple impressions which can be unpleasant for the patient.

The impression material smells pretty bad, causes people to gag and had to be kept in the mouth for five minutes. Thanks to the digital scanner, I don’t take any impressions now.

The scanner is simply moved around the teeth and a 3D image appears on the computer screen. The image can be manipulated in a variety of ways making the 3shape TRIOS a powerful diagnostic and educational tool.

I do a lot of orthodontic work using Invisalign clear aligners. The old impressions had to be bagged, boxed and posted to the USA. The aligners would then take a couple of weeks to be posted back to the practice. Now I just press a button, send the file and someone is working on it straight away.

What’s not so good

The head of the scanner is a little bit bulky so it can be difficult to use with people who can’t open very wide on the posterior teeth. The scanner needs to be positioned at the back of the mouth which can be uncomfortable for those patients.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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