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by Dr Tu Anh Pham, Maidstone Dental, VIC

Prior to owning this scanner, we used to take analogue impressions to create models. Now, we just scan the patient and all the results are created digitally. It’s a cleaner, simpler, more accurate process.  

What’s good about it

The biggest advantage is that it’s very quick and convenient. Communication with the lab is fast and effective. We just email the scan and they’ll start the crown, bridge or denture straight away. They also send me an image of how the crown or bridge will look before it gets made. 

The scanner is helpful with patient education. It’s different to photos but they can clearly see what’s happening. 

This scanner has an orthodontics simulator that shows the patient how their teeth will look after treatment. There’s always a positive response when a patient has very crooked teeth and they see how they will look once they’re straightened. The other function I like is Smile Design. It allows a photo of the patient’s face to be manipulated to show how the face will look with veneers.

The handpiece is small and streamlined. It can be moved around the entire mouth and the scan is created quickly. Most importantly, it’s comfortable for the patient and rarely induces a gag reflex.

It took a little time to get used to the machine and to ensure you captured all angles. Occasionally, we still take an impression and it confirms how superior digital scanning is compared to the traditional method.

What’s not so good

There are later generations of the scanner, the Trios 4 and 5, but they don’t work with Invisalign. Only the Trios 3 is compatible. We do a lot of Invisalign in our practice and it’s a little frustrating being forced to use older technology.

The tips need to be sterilised after each patient and the mirror inside gradually degrades. The tips need to be replaced after about 20 uses.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein

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