Tools of the trade: Acucam Concept IV intraoral camera

The Acucam intraoral camera.
The Acucam intraoral camera.

by Dr Fern White, Beacon Cove Dental, Port Melbourne, VIC


I’ve used a lot of intraoral cameras in the past and purchased this Acucam about two years ago. This one is fantastic because of the clarity of the images.


What’s good about it

It’s better than any of the other intraoral cameras I’ve used due to its higher resolution. We have a 36-inch LCD screen in front of the patient so we can show them exactly what’s going on in their mouth. It’s all about educating the patient.

I then give them the treatment options so they can make a decision. Needless to say, once they have seen their problem enlarged on a 36-inch screen, case acceptance is phenomenal.

The camera also has an attached fibre-optic light that gives very realistic colouring. The images are all filed digitally and I give the patient photo paper copy to take home at the end of treatment.

The Acucam allows me to hone in with clarity on one tooth at a time. It’s like the Rolls-Royce of cameras and about double the cost of other models.


What’s not so good

I use a Mac computer with Mac Practice software. Like many other dental peripherals, there isn’t a direct Mac driver for this camera. I have to convert the video signal through a Mac video box to make it work on my computer. It’s all a bit complicated.

I use a new sleeve with each patient for infection control and the sleeves are quite expensive. The device is also quite large due to the addition of the fibre-optic light. It doesn’t fit on the chair so I store it on the bench and wheel it over every time I use it.


Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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