Tools of the trade: Airflo steam cleaner AFS 130


Airflo-Steam-Cleaner-Model-AFS-130by Dr Neil Cheesman, Look Good–Feel Good Dentistry, Deakin, ACT

An inexpensive hand-held steam cleaner has many uses in a dental practice.

What’s good about it

This unit is easily the best steam cleaner on the market that offers great value and is suitable for dental use.

The steam cleaners sold by various dental laboratories take up a lot of bench space and can cost over $1000. I couldn’t justify spending that much money so I started looking at non-dental suppliers. To my surprise, I found a small hand-held unit that was perfect for my needs. I use it regularly to steam clean porcelain restorations after etching with HF acid.

It heats quickly in a couple of minutes, has a 250ml water capacity and will deliver continuous steam for 15+ minutes. It can also be used around the practice for general cleaning of bench tops, cupboards and glass. The Airflo is a very reliable machine—it works a treat every time.

What’s not so good

Being so portable, it can be hard to find when someone has taken it home for the weekend. I only paid $38 so it doesn’t offer as big a tax deduction as the significantly more expensive units.

Where did you get it

I purchased mine during a half-price sale at Harvey Norman.

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