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by Dr Peter Hou, Purely Dental, Colac, VIC

Almore Microfil Gold is an instrument used for shaping resin composite restorations. It’s designed to be used with anterior restorations but can also be applied on posterior restorations with various techniques. I’ve been using this instrument for more than 10 years.

What’s good about it

Almore Microfil Gold is very useful at moulding, shaping, carving and adapting restorations when restoring conventional anterior cavities and carrying out build-ups and veneers with resin composite. It gives very nice margins and can effectively carve anatomy so there’s minimal trimming afterwards.

The ergonomics of the instrument are excellent. It’s lightweight while the thickness of the handle is just the right size to hold and manipulate. It’s a double-ended instrument with different functions on either end.

I usually use it with modelling resin that prevents the instrument from sticking to the resin composite material. It allows me to mould and shape while adding anatomy. By taking your time and using the instrument carefully, you can virtually make the margin of the restoration disappear.

I mainly use the gold version of Almore Microfil. There are also blue and green versions of the instrument. The green is designed for forming at the gingival line. The blue is for trimming interproximally and shaping the facial surface of the tooth. To be honest, even though each type has slightly different functional tips, I’m generally able to manipulate all the different areas using the gold version. I guess it’s a personal preference.

What’s not so good

The instrument is autoclaveable but over time, the golden coating of the handle tends to perish, and the instrument doesn’t look as nice. The repeated process of sterilisation at very high temperatures can eventually cause detachment of the functional tips from the handle. Despite this, I still get three to five years out of an instrument.

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