Tools of the trade: Anthogyr Safe RelaxAutomatic Crown and Bridge Remover


by Dr Mark Elliott, Prosthodontist, BOH Dental, Brisbane, QLD


This is a fantastic device and the one thing I couldn’t live without. I purchased it about 12 years ago when it cost $600. These days it only costs about $650 and works like an absolute dream.


What’s good about it

It’s a device that attaches to a slow-speed hand piece with an e-coupling and is used to remove temporary crowns, temporary bridges, and permanent bridges that have been soft cemented with temporary cement. It’s a very atraumatic way of getting prostheses off abutment teeth without damaging teeth or the prosthesis.

This pneumatic device runs at about 20 micro-strokes per second. The intensity and frequency can be varied by running the slow-speed motor between 10,000 rpm and 25,000 rpm.

It comes with six different attachments that are used to get underneath the prosthesis to be removed. It’s important to position the pneumatic arm of the device parallel to the long axis of the tooth and to pull in a direction parallel to the path of withdrawal/insertion. I like that it can be held in one hand so the other hand is free to keep the soft tissues out of the way.

They are autoclavable and come with an autoclavable tray so none of the components are lost.


What’s not so good

If the instrument is not positioned correctly along the long axis of the tooth, you run the risk of damaging or breaking the tooth. As it’s a pneumatic device, I also warn patients that there’s a significant vibration in their head and jaw when it’s in use.


Where did you get it

Gulmohar Dental.



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