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by Dr Bruno Lim, Cranbourne North Dental and Dental, Keys, VIC

Over the years, I’ve worked in many clinics and used many different brands of dental chairs. It’s vital that the chair be reliable but, on some occasions, I’ve seen fairly new chairs leak and break down. I’ve been using the Anthos A7 chair for seven years and it’s a reliable and well-priced unit.

What’s good about it

When we purchased the A7, it was close to the top of the range. It has a colour touchscreen to control most functions and comes with a built-in electric motor. The upholstery has memory foam and the chair is nice and comfortable. Patients often comment on it. While there’s a similarity between all dental chairs, the differences in quality and functionality soon becomes apparent. Some of the more expensive chairs offer so many features that it becomes more complicated than it needs to be. The A7 looks great from a patient’s perspective. It’s sleek and modern and the available colours are very contemporary. Importantly, it is intuitive to operate and has great functionality.

You can customise the chair so it’s perfect for your situation. Lights, drills, ultrasonics, drains, left-handed, right-handed, endodontics, implantology—everything can be customised. We’ve had a few small issues over the years but they were resolved quickly. The after-sales service is reliable and prompt which is fantastic. After all, if your chair breaks down, you’re out of business.

What’s not so good

Even though the support is good, it could be better. Sometimes an email query is overlooked and maybe I’m just a bit too picky, but it would be great if they were a little more responsive. I would just like to see the service go that extra mile.

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