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bendable plastic

by Dr Maheer Shah, Diamond Smiles Dental, Carramar, WA

This is a new type of plastic created by Adelaide dentist Dr Bill Gergis at Brickworks Dental. BAD stands for Biomimetic Aesthetic Dentistry. The instrument is weighted really nicely and sits centred in your hand. 

What’s good about it

Most of the plastics I’ve used in the past have been quite thick and are difficult to manoeuvre around marginal ridges. One end of the BAD-PEN has a very thin flat plastic that is malleable. It can be twisted and bent, and it will keep that shape. It allows you to bend it in such a way that it is perfect for whatever you’re trying to do.  Once you’re done, you can bend it back to its original flat shape.

The other end of the BAD-PEN can be screwed off so it will hold an endo file. The end is then screwed back on to securely hold the file in place. A 10 or 15 file is perfect for drawing fissures. The BAD-PEN really is an all-in-one instrument. It’s also completely autoclaveable.

Even though it’s more expensive than other plastics, it’s become my go-to instrument. Dr Gergis also makes tooth models he calls Tooth Legos. They are a 3D printed tooth with cavities so you can practise getting your anatomy really nice. When I purchased my first Tooth Lego, I found it very difficult to shape with a standard flat plastic. Getting the fissures right was nearly impossible. Once I had a BAD-PEN, everything was easier. The fissures and cusps could be drawn accurately with the file.

What’s not so good

If you have fat fingers, it could be difficult to bend and shape the end. Maybe there will be an XL version in the future.

Where did you get it

Brickworks Dental

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