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by Dr Hayden Morse, Wickham Terrace Dental, Brisbane, QLD

The Benex Extractor system is designed for quick and easy extractions. It’s a non-traumatic removal method that’s ideal at our practice as we perform a lot of implant surgery.

What’s good about it

If teeth break or the roots snap off, getting them out without damaging the bone is an extremely difficult task. Often, you are uncertain how that procedure’s going to unfold but the Benex Extractor has made it a lot more predictable. The system has specialised drills to create a pilot hole down the centre of the root canal. An attachment is screwed into that hole and a pulley apparatus is used to remove the tooth. It’s just a matter of screwing the apparatus to increase pressure, let it rest, and then screw a little more. It slowly and gently lifts the root out the socket.

When faced with a root filled tooth, I used to say a little prayer before attempting to take it out. If incorrect pressure was applied, the root snapped and you’d be in a whole world of hurt. The Benex system is a much more predictable way of extracting those very difficult roots.

It takes a little bit of time to set it up but it’s much better than something going wrong. Extractions no longer have to be the last appointment before lunch. The system works really nicely without damaging bone. It also allows you to place an implant immediately if needed.

What’s not so good

It’s not a cheap piece of equipment and you may only use it infrequently. It’s one of those tools that’s lovely to have when the need arises. As we are an implant focused practice, we’ve found it to be extremely useful.

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