Tools of the trade: Bioclear Black Triangle System


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black triangle matrices

by Dr David Pilgrim, Care Dental Centre, Hamilton, NSW

This system uses specifically designed matrices to close and restore black triangles with composite resin. With every other system I’ve used, you invariably end up with a composite ledge at the gingiva or under it, or a flat-angled restoration that has a poor aesthetic. This system provides a nice, smooth contour that achieves an excellent aesthetic, while also providing a restoration that is easily cleansable.

What’s good about it

When people have black triangles between their teeth, it can have a negative aesthetic impact on a patient. Successfully closing the triangles not only stops food getting caught but it creates a much nicer aesthetic.

Regular matrices and flat plastic strips simply don’t have the correct contour, particularly when dealing with the natural taper of a tooth as you approach the gingiva.

This system doesn’t require the removal of any tooth structure; you’re building with resin. When used correctly, this system can provide a contour that is seamless and smooth when flossing. There is no ledge under the gum at the resin margin, so the risk of associated ongoing inflammation can be minimised. 

The process is technique-heavy and to get full value out of the system, I recommend undertaking a course provided by Bioclear. During the course, they also show you where to use these matrices in other areas. The system comes with colour-coded probes that can be used to accurately assess the right matrix size—once you know how. It’s a fast and predictable way to fix a common problem.

What’s not so good

The outcome is entirely patient dependent. If the person has poor oral hygiene and inflamed gums, there’s no point even starting. The matrices are expensive. You don’t want to be incorrectly guessing the size and then throwing them in the bin. That’s another reason to do the course and learn how to use it properly. 

Where did you get it

E3 Endo

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