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digital anaesthetic system

by Dr Fabio Miranda, Bangalow Dental, NSW

Calaject is a digital electronic anaesthetic system that delivers pain-free injections. The computerised system controls the flow rate, injecting the patient in a steady, gentle manner.  

What’s good about it

It takes the traditional syringe out of the equation. The handpiece is shaped like a pen which is great for patients who fear injections. Sometimes, they don’t even know they’ve received their injection because they didn’t see a syringe.

The computer controls the flow and pressure of the anaesthetic so it’s very comfortable for the patient. There are pre-sets for infiltration, block and intraligamental injections. 

While there are other computer-driven injection systems, they tend to have a large footprint. The consumables of the other systems are also very expensive. Calaject comes with clear barrels in which you place the normal anaesthetic tube and needle. It’s cheaper to operate and the workflow is faster.

The pen-shaped handpiece is very ergonomic and easy to position in the mouth. The unit uses rechargeable batteries that are long-lasting. We usually only charge it once a week.

What’s not so good

The clear barrels are autoclaveable but after repeated sterlisations, they tend to crack. It doesn’t happen immediately; I’ve only had to purchase one set of new barrels in the three years I’ve owned Calaject.

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