Tools of the trade: Carestream CS 3600 intraoral scanner

intraoral scanner

by Dr David Chen, Aesthetic Dental, Bundall, QLD

I purchased my first CS 3600 over a year ago, my second one just recently, and I’m planning to add a third soon. They are accurate scanners that save a lot of time. 

What’s good about it

Many digital scanners are expensive to purchase and require an ongoing subscription fee. Then if you need any extra applications or a software upgrade, you have to pay again. 

The CS 3600 is cheaper than a lot of other digital scanners and it’s a one-off cost. There is no subscription fee and upgrades are free. 

I use it to scan patients for study models. It saves on impression materials while being more accurate, faster and less invasive for the patient. There’s also no need to designate storage space to keep models on file. I use our 3D printer to print out high quality models.

I scan all new patients so we have a set of study models, digital scans and photos on file. If I need to recreate or design something, all the information is at my fingertips. 

If a patient needs an implant or a crown prep, I cut out the section of the original scan, prep and scan the crown, overlay it and then send it to our lab. I save on materials and it’s faster as all the information can be emailed.

While the CS 3600 is expensive to purchase, I think it’s well worth the investment.

What’s not so good

The tips that are used for scanning do have a limited life span. After they have been autoclaved 20 or 30 times, they tend to break or crack and need to be replaced. Another small problem is that if you overlay a scan from too long ago, it sometimes shows discrepancies. You just need to ensure that all scans are updated every two or three years.

Where did you get it


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