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by Dr Chris Papastavros, Greenacre Dental, NSW

When I started working as a dentist 32 years ago, I experimented with different brands of composite to find one I was comfortable with. In 2000, I discovered Charisma and really liked it. They’ve changed the formula a few times over the past two decades but it has remained my preferred option.

What’s good about it

It’s a hybrid composite that can be used for posterior and anterior restorations. I prefer it in a syringe as I can tell my assistant exactly how much needs to be dispensed. This means there’s less wastage.

I also like the consistency of the material. It’s a little bit wet but when I’m incrementally packing a cavity using a Teflon-coated flat plastic, none of the material sticks to the instrument. It has a nice chameleon effect that blends in well with the natural shade of the tooth and provides a very natural end result. Being a hybrid, it has great polishability, making it possible to supply a fine finish. 

I’m a minimalist who doesn’t like having lots of material in my drawers. Charisma covers both anterior and posterior restorations so it’s a great all-round product. I have other composites for specific situations but Charisma is my go-to for 90 per cent of restorations.

As the formula of Charisma was updated over the years, it has improved its handling qualities and polishing capabilities. Choosing it as my preferred composite 23 years ago was one of the best decisions I made.

What’s not so good

There are other brands available for half the price. It comes with a black lid that has two little horns to prevent the composite sliding into the composite holder. The horns are not really needed and tend to get in the way so one of my assistants uses a bur to remove them.

Where did you get it

Adam Dental


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