Tools of the trade: Contact Pro 2


Contact-Pro-1by Dr Jodie Dobson, Dobson Dental, Ferntree Gully, VIC

This is a clear plastic, double-ended instrument that’s used to create really tight contacts with composite resins. It’s very handy and I use it pretty much every day.

What’s good about it

This instrument is perfect when doing a large interproximal MO or DO using a Tofflemire or Siqveland. The Contact Pro 2 will ensure a nice tight contact in this situation. You can use it as a lever to push against the next tooth or you can pull against the tooth if you are doing a MO on a molar.

My first layer is often a flowable resin around the margin. When that’s in place, I’ll push on the band, levering against the next tooth. The next increment will be a compressible resin that I’ll compress into place with whatever instrument I’m using. Then I’ll put my Contact Pro 2 into that resin and push against the next tooth. While I’m doing that, my nurse positions a light up against the instrument which spreads the light through the resin. Once the instrument is removed, there is a little hole that simply needs to be filled with a bit more resin. It works every single time and you get a great contact.

What’s not so good

Over time, because it’s made of a clear plastic material, the finer parts snap off. I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve had to extricate the end out of some composite resin. However, the drawbacks are well and truly outweighed by the positives.

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