Tools of the trade: Danville MicroEtcher IIA


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by Dr Makham Ghanbari, Gumdale Dentists, QLD

We’ve only had this unit for a few months but I use it nearly every day to prepare cavities and teeth for restoration. 

What’s good about it

After prepping the tooth, I use this unit to do a bit of micro-etching. I clean the surface and remove all the debris so the adhesive and bond attaches firmly to the tooth. Using the MicroEtcher really enhances bonding capacity. 

I tend to use this unit because I prefer the tooth tissue to be mechanically micro-etched before using the chemical etch. It can also be used to prepare a tooth surface on a veneer insert appointment.

It’s great for crown appointments. The MicroEtcher cleans up the surface of the prepped tooth tissue very effectively. It can also be used on the fitting surface of Zirconia crowns to increase the strength of bonding.

This particular unit should not be used for cleaning stains from teeth; it’s purely for restoration prep and nothing else.

What’s not so good

It can be messy and should be used in conjunction with high-volume suction or a rubber dam. I always warn the patient to be prepared for a little mess. I choose not to use it with cavities that are very close to the pulp as I suspect it could cause damage. I prefer to work conservatively and only use it in situations where I’m assured it’s going to be beneficial.

Where did you get it


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