Tools of the trade: Danville Microetcher IIA

The Danville Microetcher
The Danville Microetcher

by Dr Ian Fettes, Suncoast Dental Practice, Maroochydore, QLD

This unit is fantastic at etching teeth and can also be used in the preparation of pits and fissures and for stain removal. I prepare patients by explaining that it’s like a sandblaster or a gurney gun for teeth.

What’s good about it

This is an inexpensive piece of equipment that I’ve been using for five years without any breakdowns, breakages or problems. The unit can be used with different sized abrasives to suit the job at hand. It will even use glass beads if you just want to clean up a set of dentures.

When used inter-orally, it’s completely painless so there’s no major dramas for the patient. It’s very effective, easy to use and simple to install. It just hooks up to your main air line.

It’s great for cleaning out crowns but it’s also good for sandblasting a tooth to make the bond greater between the filling and the tooth. It works well on pretty much anything you want to roughen up prior to bonding and can be used on existing amalgam, composite and porcelain. It also works well with orthodontic bond and brackets that need roughening. There are multiple different uses for this microetcher.

What’s not so good

The sand—it goes everywhere. Patients tend to have a fine film of sand over their face when we finish. I just give them a wet towelette so they can clean up.

Where did you get it




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