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by Dr Steven Cocolas, Cannon Hill Dental, QLD

DDS GP is a downloadable app that’s designed for use with an iPad. It’s a visual aid to educate and explain to patients a variety of anatomical and dental conditions.

What’s good about it

DDS GP is very effective at showing conditions as they worsen and the steps of treatment. By using the toolbar, the illustrations transform to develop the scenario. You can provide a verbal explanation at your own pace. 

I find it very helpful for showing the progression of periodontal disease. It has images showing the accumulation of plaque and calculus, and how it can affect the gingivae. It continues until there is bone loss and the eventual loss of a tooth. My other favourite is showing the development of a crack. I can explain to the patient that when you’re biting on it, the crack can split into the nerve and you can lose the whole tooth.

There’s capability to draw on the diagram with different colours. A list of topics can be compiled for ready access and it can be used with intraoral images on a second device. A patient who understands and identifies with a situation is more likely to trust and accept proposed treatment.

It’s very effective. When someone fully understands a problem, they’re along with you to find a solution. Uptake of procedures after using DDSS GP is very high. There’s certainly value in showing accurate information to educate patients.

What’s not so good

The discussion is confined to the parameters of the diagrams. Some are a little oversimplified and not all conditions and procedures are covered.

Where did you get it

Download from the App Store or DDS GP

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