Tools of the trade: Dentapen

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by Dr Rita Trak, Dental & Skin Clinic, Bentleigh East, VIC

No-one likes pain and no-one likes getting an injection, myself included. I was looking for a way I could numb my clients for their dental and skin treatments but without the pain of the needle. I wanted a product I would use on myself as a client. The Dentapen came up as part of my research and it really delivers on its promise as a pain-free alternative to traditional injections. I’ve used it many times and consistently received rave reviews from my clients.

What’s good about it

The Dentapen delivers anaesthetic at a slow and steady rate, measuring out an exact amount per millisecond. I tell my clients the anaesthetic is administered in little impulses as that’s how it feels. I always ask them to rate the discomfort of the pen and they typically say 0.5 out of 10. 

My practice is unique as we also have clients seeing me for skin treatments—and the Dentapen works just as well with them. It makes procedures such as lip fillers, monothreads and skin needling completely painless. Anyone who has ever had any of these skin treatments done the traditional way knows the numbing cream doesn’t actually numb the skin. The Dentapen has been a game changer for our business. 

Our business has a strong focus on hospitality and a client-centred experience. Part of that experience means being able to offer pain-free procedures. My clients invariably comment on how painless everything is in my clinic, whether it’s their dental or skin treatments.

What’s not so good

One of the reasons I chose Dentapen over similar products is that it’s cordless. The negative is that the battery is not rechargeable—you need to keep purchasing batteries. It would have been much better if, like so many other cordless devices, it rested in a charging dock when not in use.

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