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Keeler_Prismatic_on_Hogiesby Dr Peter Waltham, Sandringham Dental Practice, Sandringham, VIC


These are the first set of loupes I’ve ever owned but I have been using them for about 10 years. They fit over my glasses and have a 2.5X magnification. From the first moment I used them I was sold—it was amazing.

What’s good about it

Simply put, you can perform a better quality of dentistry because you see everything in much more detail. I use loupes for every procedure.

When I purchased them, a representative came out to the surgery and worked with me in getting them adjusted properly for my eyes. They make everything so much clearer and easier to see that now, if my prescription needs changing, I won’t work until I have the loupes ready to go.

I suppose that’s also a bit of a semi-negative. They work so well and you become so used to the magnified vision that when you work without them, it feels unnatural. I just don’t think I can see enough detail without loupes so I really won’t work without them.

What’s not so good

I was so happy with my 2.5X loupes that I purchased some 4.3X loupes at a trade show. These were not Designs for Vision loupes. Unfortunately, they weren’t adjusted properly for my eyes. After a week or two of using them, I developed headaches, fuzzy vision and disorientation. I also had a muscle spasm in the back of my neck that became really intense. Eventually I had to stop working for several days and just lie on a bed and rest.

I offer this as a warning to other dentists—only buy loupes from respectable dealers like Designs for Vision.

Where did you get it

Direct from Designs for Vision.


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