Tools of the trade: Devemed Sinus Lift Set


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by Dr Sean Parsonage, Totally Smiles Dental Group, Ryde, NSW

I first saw Devemed instruments at the IDS Dental trade show in Cologne in 2017. I was looking for quality German stainless steel instruments and these fit the bill. They were also reasonably priced which was a nice surprise. 

sinus lift kit

What’s good about it

All Devemed instruments have an ergonomic handle featuring inlaid ridges that allows for a very secure grasp. This is essential when performing delicate surgery. The inlaid pattern on the handle is a patented design unique to Devemed. The quality and durability of its instruments are exceptional. Across the range, the design of the instruments gives a superior grip. 

I was particularly after a sinus lift augmentation kit. These tools allow for the complete expression of dexterity and fine motor control that are important when working in the confined space at the maxillary sinus and surrounds. The Sinus Lift Kit is also set up for microsurgical techniques with very fine, small headed instruments included. For high quality German stainless steel instruments, they’re very sensibly priced compared to their competitors.

The kit also comes with its own well-designed instrument cassette that keeps everything organised during surgery. Following the procedure, the cassette also allows for easy and safe cleaning with our thermal disinfector.

What’s not so good

I’m extremely happy with these instruments and the only negative is that I’m due to replace the scissors. They’ve worn out and lost their sharpness a little faster than I expected. The good news is that the replacement won’t cost me too much money.

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