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by Dr Robby Sehmi, Finesse Dental, Stanhope Gardens, NSW

Dio Navi is a fantastic implant system. The manufacturing company is constantly innovating and bringing out new technology. They have released a much shorter implant and an implant that’s UV activated. 

What’s good about it

Dio Navi is a complete implant system that allows scanner and cone beam images to be seamlessly integrated together. When working on the planning, they provide a surgical guide and the required implants. All the components associated with the implant are supplied by them including the prosthesis.

The system works so well because there’s a consistency in the materials. Other implant systems often use a variety of brands along with clone parts and adaptable components. I believe that decreases the potential success of the overall treatment as those alternative parts can be liable to fail.

I far prefer the Dio Navi system where the crown is designed, the position of the implant is determined based on that design and every single component is made for that particular system. There’s peace of mind knowing that every part fits into the implant that you’ve selected.

I’ve been using it for the past three years and have placed about 120 implants in that time. The Dio Navi system gives reliable and cohesive results.

What’s not so good

It’s advisable, if you’re a user, to specify a custom-built abutment when ordering. As all biological conditions are different, a generic connection can sometimes suffer loose fittings. It’s possible to go back and tighten it but you are less likely to have a loosening of the abutment if you’ve ordered a custom mill abutment. Dio Navi can provide a custom abutment if specified. 

Where did you get it

Dio Australia

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