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dental stool

by Dr Rand Younes, Smile Collective, Roselands, NSW

These chairs are specifically designed to be used by dentists. They have a firm seat that slopes forward so all your weight is supported by your bones rather than your pelvis. It offers firm, comfortable support.

What’s good about it

The stool forces you to sit with your back in the right position. The slope of the seat places your knees below your hips, and you naturally position yourself with the correct posture. Your back is pushed against the back support and all your weight is transferred evenly. Most other dentists’ stools are soft and your back curves into them. I used to get a lot of back and neck pain but have seen a dramatic improvement since using this stool for the past six months.

I feel a lot more comfortable sitting down. It also makes you unconsciously correct your posture even when not using the stool. If I’m not sitting properly, I know to correct myself. It’s important for dentists and nurses to look after their backs and necks if we’re planning to have a long career.

The stool is on wheels, not very heavy and easy to move around the patient. The nurse’s stool is a very similar concept but has a side arm. The height of the seat, the back rest and the side arm are fully adjustable. The stool was designed by Dr Anikó Ball, founder of Optimum Dental Posture and Karyn Chapman, founder of The Back School.

What’s not so good

When you’re used to soft stools with curved back rests, it can feel a little firm and odd when you first sit on it. It’s unlike any other dental stool I’ve seen. In a very short time, the strain is off your back and it
feels comfortable and natural.

Where did you get it

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