Tools of the trade: DOF Craft 5X All-in-one milling machine


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 wet-and-dry milling machine

by Dr Smitha Gaikwad, Southland Dental Surgery, Cheltenham, VIC

The Craft 5X is a digital CAD/CAM solution for dental restorations. Prior to purchasing this unit, we explored all the milling machine options and found this one to have all the major features for less cost than the others. We’ve had it for about eight months and we are still exploring all its possibilities.

What’s good about it

This unit allows us to do both wet and dry milling of restorations. It creates crown and inlays like most milling machines but can also make other things such as implant abutments, dentures and splints. As lab costs were getting higher due to inflation and the turnaround times were
getting longer, purchasing our own in-house milling unit made good sense.

The Craft 5X saves us a lot of time, milling a crown in
about 20 to 30 minutes. Patients love the convenience of having everything completed in a single appointment. In the past, it usually took two appointments, often weeks apart.

The results from the milling unit are very accurate and it can be used with all major brand scanners. 

Some brands of milling machines can only be used with the same brand of milling block. The Craft 5X can be used with any type of milling block, making it very versatile and easy to use.

Our practice is located in a shopping centre and space is at a premium. The Craft 5X has a small footprint and fitted into our lab without taking up too much space. 

What’s not so good

This unit utilises advanced technology so there’s a steep learning curve in regard to designing and the actual milling. It can take some time to
really get accomplished with it but, once you do, the results are phenomenal. The support offered by Kevin from CM Medical has been great and has made the learning enjoyable.

Where did you get it

CM Medical

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