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storing imaging data

by Dr Tony Fang, Croydon Central Dental, VIC

DS Core is a cloud solution for backing up and viewing imaging data for Sidexis users. We’ve been using it in our practice for around a year and it allows us to view all our patient data from any internet browser. This all includes radiographs, CBCTs, photos and intraoral 3D scans.

What’s good about it

We use DS Core to store all our practice data that isn’t in the practice management software. That information is secure and easy to access. We use a Sirona imaging platform called Sidexis and that works seamlessly with DS Core. It’s very convenient having all imagery automatically uploaded and filed according to patient details. There is no need for you to do anything. The search function makes it easy to view files.

The core principle behind DS Core is that it’s an online depository where your patient files are stored in a neat and orderly way. Having an online portal for all imaging is game-changing for large teams. Information can be easily forwarded to labs and specialists. We can hold treatment plan discussions with the team from any location with internet access.

What’s not so good

DS Core is designed to be used with Dentsply Sirona’s Sidexis imaging platform. It won’t automatically file and upload without it. It also uses a lot of internet bandwidth and needs a good reliable connection. Every time you take a scan, X-ray or photo, it checks in real time to see if it has been uploaded previously. DS Core is a subscription service so there’s a recurring monthly charge of $30 for 1TB storage.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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