Tools of the trade: Dyloc Sutures

Dyloc Thread
Dyloc sutures are the best available, says Dr Azmi

by Dr Karim Azmi, Lynwood Dental, Lynwood, WA


We were approached by a sales rep from Dynek who sent us samples of these sutures. I do a lot of surgery, and I can say these are fantastic—the best sutures I’ve ever used.


What’s good about it

The Dyloc sutures are monofilament polyether so the whole thing is only one string. For normal surgical procedures, I prefer 4/0 reverse cutting while for cosmetic procedures, implant surgery or anything at the front, I use 6/0 premium reverse cutting.

During healing it keeps everything very clean as food doesn’t get attached to it. Healing happens very fast as well. One of my patients had a suture left in for three weeks as they went away on holiday. When they returned, I couldn’t even see the suture as the tissue had grown all around it. I had to dig to remove it. I would say that 10 days would be ample time before removing them.

It locks very well and I rarely have any slippage. It’s a purple colour so I can see it in any situation, even if the wound is bleeding. The needle is extremely sharp and penetrates easily.

I love that it’s Aussie made and in my opinion, it beats anything else I’ve ever used. On top of that, they’re way cheaper than other brands.


What’s not so good

I can’t really find anything wrong with them. I’ve been using them for the past few months and I’ve been very impressed. Even their customer service is very good. Although they are Adelaide based, we placed an order and a day later it was here in Perth.


Where did you get it

Dynek Sutures


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