Tools of the trade: E4D

The E4D dentists system
The E4D dentists system

by Dr Christopher Dimos, Dimos Dental, Melbourne, VIC


The E4D is a complete CAD/CAM dental restorative system. The teeth are scanned in order to design the restoration. Once the restoration is designed, it’s sent via a wireless network to the mill, which is traditionally positioned in the lab area. The restoration is then milled out of a block of ceramic, the strongest and most popular being E-max. The furnace can then be used to stain, glaze and characterise the restoration.


What’s good about it

The advantage for patients is that everything is completed in one visit. They’re not going away with temporaries and they are only numbed the one time. It’s fantastic to be able to offer all aspects of this service in one visit.

I closely compared the E4D to another cadcam unit before purchase. The other unit requires the teeth and tissue to be powdercoated prior to scanning.  The area also needs to be kept dry when scanning in the mouth. That’s a big disadvantage in my opinion. The E4D doesn’t require any pre-powdering.

I also like a facility in the E4D called ICE View. Instead of the scan looking like a foam model, ICE View gives a high-definition photographic image that shows the differentiation between gingival tissue and the margins of your preparation. I found the E4D software to be very intuitive—it was quick and easy to learn to use.

The E4D is an indispensable part of the practice now. I couldn’t do without it.


What’s not so good

The unit has a pretty steep learning curve. When we first tried to integrate it into the practice, it tended to throw our scheduling into chaos until I became more proficient with its operation. We soon became better at scheduling appropriately. It’s really just a time-management thing.


Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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