Tools of the trade: Elements E-motion Endo Motor

endo motor

by Dr Vanessa Romer, Highgate Hill Dental Centre, QLD

This is a great endo motor that makes root canal treatments easier and faster. We’ve had the E-motion for about a year and it’s very smooth. There’s a large touch screen attached to the motor that makes everything easy to operate.

What’s good about it

The settings can be customised to the files and sequence that you want to use. When there are multiple dentists using the motor, you can save a personalised sequence that is ready to go every time you use it. 

The handpiece is light and feels comfortable in your hand. The head is quite small so in situations with restricted access, it allows for a better field of view. It is super smooth when it’s running with very minimal vibration. I generally ask patients how they are feeling when I’m doing a root canal and they all report back that it’s very comfortable. 

When you’re a dentist who’s only doing the occasional root canal, it can become a procedure that you dread. Having a motor like this is fantastic—it makes the job easier, takes less time, is more efficient and cuts better. It also lowers the risk of a file breaking in the canal.

This is a great machine with easy-to-read information appearing on the screen.

What’s not so good

Our previous endo motor was wireless but this one has a lot of cables. We don’t have it out on the bench; we set it up when we are about to use it. All the cables make it a bit more time-consuming before it’s ready to go. 

Where did you get it


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