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by Dr Akshee (Ash) Shah, Shenton Park Village Dental, WA

We’re a fairly new practice that opened less than a year ago. Since our inception, we’ve used the EMA Airflow One with every scale and clean and for our patients’ periodontal maintenance appointments.

What’s good about it

This is an ultrasonic system that uses powder with a high-pressure water flow. We can safely use it to reach below the gum tissue and remove thick biofilm colonies. Normally, that’s quite tricky and requires a lot of heavy hand-scaling and debridement.

It effectively removes debris and cleans off surface stains—especially stubborn coffee and red wine stains. It’s easy to keep mess to a minimum provided you have good suction and a well-trained nurse. All my patients who have had traditional scale and polish appointments in the past are fine with its use. The results have been fantastic and almost all patients enjoy the experience. The water in the unit is warmed to 40 degrees and it feels particularly great for patients.

There are two types of powder. One is just for general procedures and the other is more abrasive for use on surface stains. The less abrasive powder can be used with a periodontal tip to clean out pockets for periodontitis treatment.

You need to follow a strict maintenance protocol with this unit. There’s a night cleaner that must be run through it, and the handpieces need to have air blown through them before being placed in the autoclave. 

What’s not so good

Even though it’s an added cost to the practice, preventive scale and cleans are the most common procedure we do. This unit would be a great addition to every general dental practice.

Where did you get it

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