Tools of the trade: EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master


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high-pressure water cleaner

by Dr Roger Puckridge, Dentists of Tasmania, Sorell, TAS

This is a high-pressure water cleaner that uses crystals of sodium bicarb as the cleaning agent. The powder comes in a range of flavours which makes the experience nicer for patients.

What’s good about it

Essentially, this unit is for cleaning teeth but I find it a real game changer for a number of reasons. Previously, I would spend 20 minutes going around the teeth with an ultrasonic cleaner. This vibrates at 20,000 hertz and a lot of patients find it uncomfortable. For the past 34 years, I’ve been apologising to my patients as I worked. The ultrasonic is followed up with a hand scaler to remove hard calculus and tartar and then a polish with trophy paste. The whole process was time-consuming and uncomfortable.

The Airflow gets rid of all plaque and stains with one application. It softens hard deposits and makes them much easier to remove. Within a couple of minutes, the Airflow will remove 90 per cent of marks and stains. The water is warm and the whole experience is very pleasant for the patient.

In the past, it was almost impossible to clean around braces and to remove smoker’s stains. The Airflow can deal with both situations quickly and efficiently. Patients who were lax in keeping their cleaning appointments are now turning up regularly.

Originally, I had one system to share among four dentists. Now I have three systems plumbed into the practice. 

What’s not so good

If the water pressure is high, you need to be careful not to bruise the mucosa as it can cause tenderness and even create an ulcer. It’s all about technique. It’s also a good idea to have two suctions running because it uses a lot of water.

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