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app that controls your handpiece

by Dr John Breeze, Bexley Dental, NSW

Endo IQ is an app that’s run through an iPad. It connects wirelessly with the X-Smart IQ handpiece, allowing full control of your endodontic work.

What’s good about it

The reason I particularly like this software is that you can choose and use any of the rotary files on the market. Whether you’re dealing with a big, easy canal or a curved long canal, you simply choose the file best suited to the job. That information is entered into the program and the Endo IQ app allows you to adjust the torque and the speed at the touch of a button. It provides all the diversity you need to cover the full range of root canal treatments.

The app has pre-programmed settings for whichever file you choose. Files come from different companies and work in different ways. Some rotate 360 degrees over and over. Some work using a reciprocating action, back and forth like an electric toothbrush. You can easily choose the pre-programmed setting so the file operates in the correct manner.

I use this app for all my endo work. It gets the job done quickly and accurately. When new files are released on the market, the program can be updated to accommodate them as well. I can’t imagine doing a root canal without it, let alone going back to the old hand files.

What’s not so good

Sometimes the Bluetooth connection from the app to the handpiece can take a while to establish. 

Where did you get it

X-Smart IQ handpiece available from Dentsply Sirona ( Endo IQ app available from the Apple app store. 

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