Tools of the trade: Entertainment system


tools-entertainmentby Dr Val Roberts, bc dental, Beaumaris, VIC

Our practice is centred on patient comfort and customer service. The surgeries are set up really nicely and we often get patients who say ‘Give me the lot’. We know exactly what that means—we have a pretty cool audiovisual system and they want the full experience.

What’s good about it

We have ceiling-mounted televisions with a menu of movies, documentaries, comedies, TV shows and animations. The patient can choose whatever they want and listen to what they are watching on wireless headphones. They also have the choice of watching, say, a travel show but listening to music through the headphones. We subscribe to Spotify, an internet music provider, that allows patients complete control over the music they listen to. They might want a specific band or they can designate an artist and it will play songs that are similar. We have also created a series of playlists. If the patient decides not to wear the headphones then we have music playing in the background of the surgery.

The most important part of our system is the NAS hard drive. It can hold a terabyte of information and all our entertainment is digitised. We have this system set up centrally to supply all the audiovisual information for our four surgeries, the reception and the offices. Every area can pick their own music which makes it a really comfortable environment for the staff and patients.

By relaying the information through Ryanblue hard drives, our office computers are not slowed down.

What’s not so good

The only downside was when we gave the patient unlimited choice because it took too much time for them to choose. It’s also very important not to position the television straight overhead as the operating light gets in the way. We recommend slightly more overhead and to the left.

Where did you get it

We purchased everything through Presilient who also mapped out all the AV, HDMI and power cables. It’s very important to have an IT company—not fit-out specialists—set up these kinds of systems.


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