Tools of the trade: Epic Diode Laser


soft tissue laserby Dr Matthew Fleming, Hartwell Dentistry, Camberwell, VIC

We’ve been using Biolase soft tissue lasers in our practice for years. We purchased the Epic to upgrade from an earlier model. I don’t think any dentist can work appropriately without an instrument that does what this does.

What’s good about it

This laser is simple to use and quick to set up. It certainly makes life a lot easier when a patient has bleeding gums or you’re working on a restoration or a crown. It allows you to remove inflamed infected tissue in order to get clear access and restore the tooth appropriately.

It also reduces contamination. When placing a filling or fitting a crown it’s imperative that there is no bleeding or contamination. Using the Epic removes the damaged tissue, cauterises and leaves a sterile environment behind. It creates a clean field in which to work.

The Epic can also be used when doing gum lifts or loosening a crown. It’s very handy when releasing tongue-ties and ties around the lips. Patients tend to like the fact that I’m using a laser because it’s controlled, sterile and they don’t feel any pain.

It’s a very easy piece of equipment to master. Any dentist with a couple of years of experience will find it very straightforward.

What’s not so good

This is such a nice piece of equipment that I really don’t think it has a negative. It would be nice if it was cheaper but that’s true of every piece of dental equipment on the market!

Where did you get it

Dental Axess

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