Tools of the trade: Ergo 6X TTL loupes


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6X loupes

By Dr Rachael Chan, Lightwood Dental, Ferntree Gully, and The Smile Centre, Heidelberg and Langwarrin, VIC

I had been using normal prismatic loops since uni and I was getting a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I’d heard from other colleagues that Ergo loupes with a 45-degree tilt really take the strain off your neck. The Ergo brand is reasonably priced, high quality and provides good service in terms of repairs and delivery.

What’s good about it

Initially, it feels strange to hold your head upright while looking into the mouth of a patient. It’s also a bit weird for the dental assistant as it appears you’re staring straight at them. Fortunately, the adjustment period was quite short. It took me less than a week to be completely comfortable. It’s just a matter of readjusting the relationship between your hands and your eyes.

I had tried some other brands of angled loupes and they made me feel nauseous. I think the Ergo loupes work so well because a rep measured the distance between my pupils and took a lot of other measurements. They also took into account the distance from my eyes to where I would be working on a patient.

I chose a 6X magnification because you need to allow for an increased working distance. You’re further away from the patient so a 6X is closer to a 3X with normal prismatic loupes.

The Ergo loupes are lightweight and sit securely on my face. There’s a wide range of colours and frames so you can look stylish while you work. I use these loupes with every procedure.

What’s not so good

I’ve had no issues with them but I have spoken with colleagues who have had lenses positioned in slightly the wrong position. There is very little margin for error and if they’re not positioned perfectly, they can’t be used.

Where did you get it

Byron Medical

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