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dual-cure resin cement

by Dr George Lathouras, Smileologie, East Brisbane, QLD

EsteCem II is a dual-cure resin cement. I was using multiple cements for different procedures so I changed to this one to streamline my processes. It can be used with bridges, inlays, onlays, and porcelain, zirconia or alumina crowns. It can also be used with veneers and posts; it’s a very versatile product.

What’s good about it

I’ve found the handling of this material is easy and it flows nicely over the tooth. It’s simple and quick to clean up–just a great all-round cement. Using one product in place of many makes it versatile and convenient. It’s great to have a simplified workspace without multiple products and tips needed to be kept on hand.

EsteCem II comes in a syringe with a self-mixing tip. Just the right amount can be extruded for each job which minimises wastage. It provides strong adhesion and a durable, high-strength result. The product has almost no water absorption so there is little to no marginal discolouration. It provides a good-looking finish with high aesthetics.

EsteCem II works really well with Tokuyama Universal Bond. Both products are manufactured by the same company and only require a simple three-step application—mix, apply and air dry. The process can be completed quickly and there’s no need to light cure.

What’s not so good

The product needs to be stored in a fridge. It’s not a big negative; I just don’t like running to the fridge every time I need it.

Where did you get it


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