Tools of the trade: EVE Diacomp Plus Twist Bur


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flexible polishing disc

by Dr Victoria Wright, Bath Street Dental, Glenelg South, SA

This bur is a flexible polishing disc for use with composite resin restorations. It makes it easy to polish hard-to-access surfaces.

What’s good about it

I use this bur as part of a two-step process with anterior and posterior restorations. I use a medium grit followed by a fine grit to provide a high shine restoration that’s very polished. The flexible disc shape allows me to get into difficult interproximal spaces and supply a nice, smooth finish in those areas. I believe this bur gives a better, more polished finish than other burs I’ve used in the past. Without fail, I use it for all compost resin restorations.

The patient response has been great. They often comment on how smooth and natural their teeth feel. I’ve been using this bur for about 12 months, first coming across it when working in a different practice. I implemented it at Bath Street Dental and now the other dentists are using it as well.

These discs are reusable. You just have to keep an eye on them when they’re starting to get a bit worn down. They can be used at least 100 times but should be disposed of before they become too worn and ineffective.

What’s not so good

The little rubber bristles can sometimes separate and break away from the bur. You end up with little bits flying around in the patient’s mouth, which is not ideal. It’s important to not wait until the last moment to replace a worn bur.

Where did you get it

Erskine Oral Care

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