Tools of the trade: Filling Composite Plastic Dietschi #1/2


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instrument for placing and contouring composites

by Dr Reina Yang, Wattle Park Dental, Surrey Hills, VIC

This is a stainless steel instrument for placing and contouring composites. While it’s one of five instruments that make up the Dietschi Composite Kit, this is the instrument I use most frequently.

What’s good about it

I use this instrument for everyday restorative dentistry. It’s a composite sculpting tool that’s cone-shaped at one end. It allows me to rest the instrument against the cusp, and that then allows me to place my grooves and anatomy within the composite. On the other end is a very fine tip, also for adding anatomy but at a very precise level.

The instrument is sold separately or can be purchased as part of the five-instrument kit. They’re colour-coded and this one is green, so my nurses know it as the green carver. I use it for all direct restorations.

There are similar tools on the market but this the best one I’ve used. I like the shapes at both ends of the tool and the angle is perfect for contouring. I’ve used other instruments that were curved at a different angle and they didn’t feel natural. In my hands, they weren’t as accurate as I would have liked. This Dietschi instrument is superior as the shape of the tip and the angel of the head allows me to work exactly how I choose.

What’s not so good

If the instrument is not cleaned properly and wiped down with gauze, the composite sticks to the carver tip. Obviously, this makes it difficult to use. It just needs to be wiped down properly before being run through the autoclave.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein

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