Tools of the trade: Filtek Supreme XTE

versatile composite material

by Dr John Xu, Marketplace Dental Centre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Unlike a lot of other composite materials on the market, Filtek Supreme XTE is a very versatile product. It’s an ideal filling material for both the back and front teeth with great aesthetic results. It’s also very strong.

What’s good about it

Whether I’m doing small or large restorations, Filtek Supreme XTE works very well. With 36 shades and four opacities of Filtek Supreme XTE available, I’ve experienced exceptional results layering them to achieve the required shade for the body of the tooth, dentine and enamel. It mimics the look of tooth structure very well.

Filtek Supreme XTE is a nano-filled composite that has superior strength and durability when compared to micro-filled composites. This also gives the cured material its ease of polishability to achieve the texture and shine of a natural tooth. Many of my patients have been very pleased with the end result when I’ve used Filtek Supreme XTE for restorations. It feels nice and smooth in their mouth. 

Filtek Supreme XTE is easy to handle, doesn’t stick to instruments and is just soft enough to mould and shape onto the tooth. It comes in a capsule or syringe and I enjoy using it for the majority of my restorations.

What’s not so good

As Filtek Supreme XTE comes in a variety of shades, it requires a keen eye to find the right shade and translucency to match the tooth. This is particularly true when dealing with the front teeth. It’s also important to note that it needs to be cured for a longer period than other composite materials.

Where did you get it

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