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by Dr Elvis Trinh, Austral Dental Care, NSW

Fit Checker Advanced is used to check the intaglio surfaces of any prosthodontic work such as dentures, crowns and bridges. It’s a good way of pinpointing any areas that need adjustment.

What’s good about it

It comes in two tubes that are simple to mix. It’s just a one-to-one ratio and a mixing pad is supplied. Once the material is positioned, it is inserted and has a quick setting time when in contact with the oral environment. 

Once set, a white uniform film of Fit Checker will be shown and high spots are evident through a lack of white material or the actual prosthesis showing through. Those areas can be marked with a pencil and the excess removed or trimmed.

Once everything has been checked and adjusted, the material peels off easily. It’s not sticky like other materials that tend to adhere to the mucosa. The white colour shows nicely through the acrylic pink of dentures. It’s very clear to identify the tight spots when checking crown fitting surfaces.

We do a lot of dentures at our practice so Fit Checker is used very frequently. There are other similar brands on the market but I’ve not been too impressed with those based on setting time and material consistency. Fit Checker is fast, has a nice consistency, is easy to apply and easy to remove. It’s not affected by too much saliva.

What’s not so good

Manually mixing the components means there is always a bit of waste. There’s a cartridge version available that can mix the catalyst and base via a dispensing gun, which probably means less wastage. As we’re mostly dealing with dentures, however, we’re working with a big base so manually mixing the material allows us to dispense enough Fit Checker for each denture prosthesis compared to smaller units of crowns and bridge.

Where did you get it

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